Brookside Farmers’ Market Manager Job Description 

Primary Market Day Responsibilities 

Brookside Farmers’ Market vendors rely on the Market Manager to coordinate smooth operations of market activities and to be their liaison with all parties served by and involved with the market.

  • Arrive at the market 1.5 to 2 hours before the official opening time to complete set-up responsibilities before the market opens. Be available to customers and vendors at the market tent for the duration of the market hours.

  • The majority of equipment and supplies required for set-up are stored in an on-site shed. Set up the Information and Musician tents, shade tents when needed, Community tent and Kids tent as needed, including required tables, chairs and associated supplies and electrical needs. Move large chalkboard to the market entrance and update it with pertinent information. Distribute trash and recycling containers.

  • Hang market banners and place SNAP Program and yard-signs at critically visible, nearby intersections as directed by the Marketing Committee Chairperson. As assigned, complete activities associated with market’s anticipated festivals.

  • Set-up equipment and supplies to be ready to process SNAP.

  • In consultation with the chairperson of the Vendor Committee, communicate to
    vendors any location changes resulting from the absence or addition of vendors each week.

  • Additional Day-Of Responsibilities:

  • Post one or more times to Facebook highlighting available items, special events,

  • Ensure safety and cleanliness of the site before, during, and at the conclusion of
    each market.

  • Bring potential violations of vendor rules to the attention of the person/s
    designated by the BFM Board of Directors.

  • Keep accurate weekly records of market activities including the customer count, vendor attendance, SNAP/EBT totals, weather and other significant conditions which could impact the customer count such as the Brookside Art Fair, the Brookside Sidewalk Sale weekend, marathons, etc.

  • Other duties requested by the Market Manager’s supervisor.

  • preforming a customer count for 10 minutes each hour of the market.

  • Displaying and distributing informational materials.

  • Collecting customer email information.

  • Ensuring volunteer or vendor coverage of market tent responsibilities in the event of incidental momentary absences from the tent, such as chef demo set-up and rest-room breaks.

  • Participating in customer appreciation outlined by the Marketing

  • Tear down and securely store market tents, tables, chairs, chalkboard and
    other equipment and supplies in the on-site storage sheds beginning at the designated end time of the market.

  • Receive Market tokens from vendors and make sure they are recorded correctly. Print off all reports from EBT/Debit card machine.

  • Primary Non-Market Day Responsibilities 

Under the direction of the Marketing Committee, the Market Manger is responsible to: 

  • Write and email a weekly newsletter, sending an email each week to solicit a write-up from each vendor, reminding vendors by email and/or phone when they have not responded by the requested deadline; and making special arrangements to collect information with vendors who do not have email access or for whom English is not their primary language. In addition to highlighting what vendors are bringing to the market each week, the newsletter should include information about festivals, musicians, chef demos and other special market activities.

  • Manage updates to the website, keeping vendor information current, sharing information about vendors, festivals, chef demos and other special market activities, updating the calendar, pictures and other aspects as requested by the Marketing Committee, ensuring equitable representation of all vendors.

  • Enter email addresses collected at the market tent and special events into website.

  • Receive emails, including those from the BFM website, respond if appropriate or forward to the Marketing Committee Chair, Vendor Committee Chair or Board President as appropriate within 48 hours of receipt of email.

  • Schedule, confirm, and promote weekly market musicians, community tent and kids tent.

  • Design handouts and banners.

  • Submit information to pertinent online and print community calendars, neighborhood newsletters, etc.

  • Promote the growth of the market’s Facebook, Instagram and twitter followers. Post events, pictures, special information in coordination with postings done by members of the Board of Directors or Marketing Committee. Posting/reposting information that features vendors and what they bring to market, ensuring equitable representation of all vendors.

  • Plan and execute special market events, festivals and promotions.

Under the direction of the Vendor Committee the Market Manager is responsible to: 

  • Recruit new vendors, processes and administrate vendor applications.

  • Administrate and promote yearly farm and business tours for each Brookside Farmers Market vendor.

Under the direction of Direct Supervisor and Treasurer Market Manager is responsible to:

  • Administer Double-Up Food Bucks program under the direction of Market Manager Supervisor and in coordination with the Treasurer including preparing weekly reports and sending forms to Cultivate Kansas City. Reporting transaction data to vendors on a weekly basis. Meeting and corresponding with Cultivate Kansas City representatives, distributing flyers and program information as needed.

  • Properly record vendor payment records for treasurer.

  • Turn in all receipts and hours in a timely manner.

Under direction of Direct Supervisor the Market Manager is responsible to:

  • Help with sponsorship and fundraising and administrate sponsorship agreements.

Expectations of the Market Manager: 

  • Is familiar with and appreciates local organic and sustainable agriculture, food, and other products.

  • Is reliable, friendly, self-motivated and efficient.

  • Develops and maintain good working relationships with vendors, customers, and community members, groups and organizations providing music, cooking demonstrations or which are otherwise involved with the market.

  • Is comfortable and has the ability to effectively communicate with a variety of people.

  • Has ability or can demonstrate that they can quickly come up to speed to make content changes to the market website using Squarespace.

  • Has familiarity with Google Suites.

  • Design skills for simple flyers, banners and media use.

  • Has ability or can demonstrate that they can quickly come up to speed to enter emails and update the market email template in MailChimp.

  • Has demonstrated experience with Facebook, twitter and Instagram posting, boosting and advertisement.

  • Has strong writing skills for effective email, Facebook, Instagram and website communication.

  • Works successfully with volunteers.

  • Has strong planning and coordination skills.

  • Is willing to work outdoors in potentially extreme weather conditions.

  • Can safely lift and carry 50 pounds.

  • Can successfully work independently as well as inter-dependently with others.